About the Journal

JEP (Jurnal Eksakta Pendidikan) P-ISSN; 2614-1221, E-ISSN; 2579-860X is an accredited national journal that specifically publishes articles from research results that are relevant to innovation and creativity in Mathematics and Natural Sciences education resulting from the application of scientific methods. Activities of the scientific method consist of formulating problem, conducting theoretical study, formulating hypothesis, testing hypothesis and drawing conclusion. The scope of innovation and creativity of research results that published in this journal includes lesson planning, implementation of learning, evaluation of learning, development of learning tools, development of learning, development of learning evaluation, and educational policies in the fields of Mathematics and Natural Science education. JEP is published by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science Universitas Negeri Padang in collaboration with AMLI.  Articles are published on JEP periodically twice a year, in May and November. Thus, JEP can provide a platform for researchers in Mathematics and Science education to publish their original articles.